The Power of Theatre


Performing arts is a collection of powerful creative activities that have the power to captivate the audience watching. Whether the message is pure entertainment or a spoken word; undoubtedly there is a message conveyed to the audience. Research repeatedly shows the benefits of performing arts.

In many countries around the world, the performing arts have a way of changing communities for the better. For example, in Ruramira, Rwanda, a community-based drama club performs various life subject matter plays that educate and entertain both adults and children. The plays present issues that at times, are difficult to talk about within a family setting or one-on-one.

The tremendous work that community members in Ruramira, Rwanda are doing is sure to impact generations to come.


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Photo Credit: FranckinJapan, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

Aneeta Pearson, MSW, MS


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